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        Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics Co., Ltd.

        ADDRESS:NO.9 Xixi Industry Zone, Hongqiao, Yueqing, Zhejiang Province/China

        TEL:+86-0577-62335633 62335939 62336330    

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          Industry News
        2016 China electronic information hundred enterprises released

        Guiyang news in 2016 China electronic information hundred enterprises released before the day, HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. ranked first, Lenovo Group, China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. ranked second, third. It is reported that the electronic information hundred companies are recommended by the provi

        Electronic components industry fluctuations in advance

        Due to the unexpected effects of the subprime mortgage crisis and economic slowdown in the United States on consumer demand, market research agencies have downgraded the 2008 global semiconductor industry market growth rate. At the beginning of March, the Gartner forecasts for 2008 down from 6.2% to 3.4%. Isuppli is al

        Small volume business of electronic components has become a new strategy for distributors competition

        The growth of small quantities of purchase demand caused by the attention of distributors, have launched a small batch of procurement services. For the bulk of the business as a distributor, the introduction of small quantities of business into its effective competitive strategy.Small quantities of business is a small

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