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          New fulqinxin Book Fair - the first issue of positive discipline

        New fulqinxin Book Fair - the first issue of positive discipline

        2019-10-14 14:15:21


        In the first week of the end of the National Day holiday in October, we ushered in the first issue of the "Xin Xin Shu Hui", sharing the bibliography as "Positive Discipline".

        Before the study, through the understanding and introduction of the host Mei Wenwei, the students' enthusiasm for learning was ignited. When watching the video of "Positive Discipline" by Fan Deng, everyone followed the teacher's rhythm and all the students listened and recorded with full attention. I am afraid to miss every word.

        After the video is finished, the host asks everyone to organize the study notes and ideas to make a sense of sharing after learning. During the sharing session, everyone raised their hands and raised their opinions. The sharing people were Zhang Jinquan, Lu Yuping, Chen Min, Lu Weiwei, Zhou Yingying, Jin Jiancheng, Liu Huazhu, Yu Ting, Chen Wei, Chen Yongzhao, etc., and everyone expressed their opinions and published their own children. The views, everyone learn from each other.

        Through learning, we learned that parents are the first mentor of a child's life and the longest and even lifelong mentor. Parents' educational attitudes and methods for children are vital to the development and growth of their children. We often have many judgments on children. Expectation, accusation, disappointment, anger. But in fact, love and happiness are the whole purpose of our children's discipline, expressing unconditional love to them, taking responsibility for themselves, taking mistakes as opportunities for learning, looking for positive aspects, and saying "no" to children with kindness and determination. "Helping them to find the real "yes" is the right parenting style that we should adopt for parents.

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