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        Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics Co., Ltd.

        ADDRESS:NO.9 Xixi Industry Zone, Hongqiao, Yueqing, Zhejiang Province/China

        TEL:+86-0577-62335633 62335939 62336330    

        E-MAIL:[email protected]

          Talent strategy

        Employees are the new fur business spirit, identity xinfuer culture, rich sense of responsibility and the spirit of cooperation, good at learning and dare to the creativity of the employees is new Darfur's greatest wealth, Darfur and strive to achieve employees and businesses grow together, Gongzhu brilliant.
        The idea of employing people:
        The combination of attitude and profession, education and experience
        The combination of efficiency and effectiveness, the combination of benefits and treatment
        Enterprise talent view:
        Feelings of retention, treatment of the left, the mechanism to keep people, career to stay

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        TEL:+86-0577-62335633 62335939 62336330 FAX:+86-0577-62335613 E-mail:[email protected]
        Technical support:BOYUAN

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